Organization chart

IA2 is governed by the following organs in the executive, administrative and advisory areas:

- Governing body (rectorate): The Rector Commission (Comisión Rectora) is IA2’s governing body. It has decision-making power concerning all issues and incidents that affect or define IA2’s lines of research, its structure, and the way it functions. The Rector Commission is composed of the CEO of the Center of Agrofood Investigation & Technology (CITA), the Vice-Rector of Scientific Policy of the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), the current University General Director of Research (appointed by the CEO of CITA), and the Vice-Rector of Technology Transfer and Innovation (appointed by the Rector of UNIZAR).

- IA2’s two Administrative Organs are the Institute Council and the Administrative Commission.

The Institute Council is presided by the Director of IA2, and is formed of 199 members: these include all permanent research personnel (130 members), all temporary research personnel who are in possession of a PhD degree (65 members), 2 representatives of non-PhD temporary research personnel and 2 representatives of administrative and service personnel.

One of the Strategic Plan’s objectives is to make IA2 accessible to researchers from other Aragonese institutions who are likewise involved in R&D&I in the agrofood sector. Conversations in this sense are being held with the Superior Council of Scientific Investigation (CSIC), in order to prepare an official agreement on collaboration that may permit access to research at IA2 – and thus also to participation in the Institute Council – to scientists from the Aula Dei Experimental Station (EEAD) and from the Pyrenees Ecological Institute (IPE), probably granting them the status of Associated Research Personnel.

The Administrative Commission is formed by the Director of IA2, two sub-directors – one pertaining to CITA (Center of Agrofood Investigation & Technology) and the other pertaining to UNIZAR (University of Zaragoza) who also fulfills the function of Secretary –and four Heads of Department.

The Departments (divisiones) are the units under which IA2’s personnel is organized. IA2 is currently subdivided into 4 Departments: 1) Production of Raw Materials of Vegetable Origin; 2) Production of Raw Materials of Animal Origin; 3) Food Science and Technology; and 4) Agrofood and Natural Resource Economics.

- Finally, IA2 will also require the intervention of a body of advisors: the External Advisory Board, whose members will be selected and appointed in accordance with the 2016 Plan of Action.

You may view a graphic representation of this organization chart by clicking on the following link.