Department 3 – Food science and technology


The area of Food Science and Technology is becoming particularly relevant in R&D&I programs on a regional, national and European level. Food Science and Technology include the subjects of food technology, food safety, quality, gastronomy, nutrition and health. The lines of research in these areas aim to provide a response to the social challenge of ensuring the agrofood sector’s competitiveness and sustainable growth on a social, industrial, economic and environmental level, and to improve food quality and guarantee citizen health via healthy nutrition. Thus, these lines of research aim to ensure an adequate supply of safe, nutritious, healthy foods (and other bioproducts) of great quality in order to satisfy consumer demands. This can be achieved by improving primary production systems, developing advanced food production technologies, innovating in new materials and packaging, evaluating and controlling risks that affect food safety, and conducting research in the areas of nutrition and health.


This research area is coordinated by Agustín Ariño, PhD, the Head of Department 3, which comprises a total of 118 individual members divided into 12 research groups.

This area includes 4 lines of research with 13 sub-lines of research and a total of 41 specific actions.

Line 8. Food technology   A04    A17*
A18    A19
A20    E52
T41    T53
Line 9. Food safety A14*
A01    A04
A17*    A20
A25*    E52
Line 10. Food quality A12
A01    A04
A18    A17*
A20    T41
Line 11. Functional foods; nutrition and health A12
A01    A04
A17    A18
A20    A32
B23    B61
B69    E52
Line of research CITA Groups UNIZAR Groups
*This group has no member assigned to Department 3, but makes occasional contributions to some of its strategic projects.