IA2’s objectives, mission and values

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The Agri-Food Institute of Aragon (IA2) is a Mixed University research institute UNIZAR-CITA, approved by the Government of Aragon on May 22, 2015.

It arises from the will of a broad set of researchers specialized in the different areas of agri-food, to integrate into a higher research structure capable of generating synergies, optimizing resources, joining voices and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, seeking to create the most suitable environment for the development of more ambitious and competitive R&D&I activities, of greater excellence, better funded and with greater potential impact on Aragonese agri-food.


The institute aims, as its main objective, to favor the cooperative aggregation and interaction of prestigious researchers, and thus, the definition of multidisciplinary research projects, more ambitious and global, as a distinctive element of quality at national and international level. The very nature of a mixed center is, in itself, a fundamental aspect that the Institute assumes as a seal of identity and quality, being able to generate synergies between institutions and between researchers. This is why the Institute was created with the aim of becoming a reference center in this area, bringing together specialists in the different links that make up the food chain, favoring interaction and coordination between disciplines as a multiplying factor of capabilities, and sharing experience, structures, services, resources and techniques. Its strategy is based not only on the development of a research activity of excellence that is an international reference, but also on the promotion of the transfer of results and technology to the agri-food sector, trying to solve specific problems posed from different areas of society.


IA2’s mission is to encourage high-quality scientific research and technology transfer with the greatest positive impact on the agrofood sector, helping it to become more sustainable, competitive and innovative, and enabling it to provide society with foodstuffs of better quality and greater safety.

Shared Values: