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Line 4.2. Quantification of the impact of economic activities linked to biological resources and of public policies on the environment and sustainable development.

This line is oriented to examine how the activities of the agri-food system (and related activities) and related public policies (agricultural, environmental, energy, etc.) influence key environmental aspects such as the conservation of natural resources, biodiversity, pollution, etc. In addition, it analyzes how these activities have historically contributed and can contribute to sustainable development, also addressing the design of public policies that are environmentally and socially responsible. In addition, the economic value of rural natural resources is quantified to promote integrated and sustainable rural development, while ensuring the preservation and efficient use of natural resources, particularly water.

This line consists of four sub-lines:

  • Measurement of the impacts of bioeconomy activities on the environment and natural resources.
  • Design and impact of changes in different public policies (agricultural, energy, food, etc.) on bioeconomy activities and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators.
  • Economic valuation of natural resources and integrated rural development.
  • Estimates on water uses, virtual water and efficient and sustainable management of water resources.