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Line 2.3. Veterinary Medicine for Global Health

The identification and study of the main pathological processes that can affect the profitability of livestock farms and also the health of companion animals are essential to establish adequate prevention and control programs. In addition, the control of infections in the population. Similarly, research into new vaccines for different animal species, research into antimicrobial resistance and the relationship with their microbiota, as well as a better understanding of the epidemiological role of wildlife and different vectors, have become important challenges in order to preserve global health from a One Health perspective. Finally, research on model animals, both laboratory and domestic, allows the development of therapies, such as regenerative medicine or gene therapy, and innovative diagnostics (molecular biomarkers) of processes such as neurodegeneration, cancer, osteoarticular lesions, obesity or aging, allowing the translation of their results to human medicine.

This line includes three sublines:

  • Control of diseases affecting animals and Public Health.
  • New diagnostics and therapeutic innovation.
  • Antimicrobial resistance.
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