Line 2.4. Technologies applied to livestock systems

Improving the competitiveness of livestock farms through the development of efficient production systems is essential and, to this end, conventional technologies and biotechnologies (feeding, reproduction, health and management) must be implemented to optimize costs and animal performance, guaranteeing product quality and health, animal welfare and respect for the environment during the breeding process. Research is also focused on the search for new sources of protein for animal feed for sustainable purposes, as well as on precision livestock farming, allowing monitoring to increase the efficiency of farm production and care for health, animal welfare and environmental impact, as well as the sanitary safety of food of animal origin, and to adapt to the requirements of demand.

This line brings together four sub-lines:

  • Improvement of technical efficiency in livestock production.
  • Reproductive biotechnology.
  • Precision livestock farming and digitalization.
  • Impact of the production system on the quality of livestock products.
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