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Line 8. Food technology

Subline 8.1. Advanced Food Processing and Preservation Technologies

The objective of research in this field is to study the physical, chemical and biological bases of the effects of new processing and preservation technologies in order to, through the knowledge acquired, design more efficient processes with less environmental impact that allow obtaining safer, cheaper and better quality foods or components.

Subline 8.2. Advanced packaging technologies

Research in this field is dedicated to the study of packaging techniques to improve and preserve the quality and shelf life of food, as well as to the development of materials for direct contact with food and special applications (oven, microwave...). Studies include the development of new active materials with antioxidant, antimicrobial and aroma properties.

Subline 8.3. Plant-based food technologies

Research in this field is aimed at using innovation, technological development and knowledge as the basis for competitiveness, increased quality and safety, as well as added value in the area of plant-based foods in the agri-food sector.

Subline 8.4. Grape and wine technologies

Research in this subline comprehensively addresses the set of agronomic and technological operations and processes that have an effect on wine quality, from vineyard work to bottling.

Subline 8.5. Animal food technologies

Research in this field deals with the integral study of the production of meat and other animal products, the quality of the product and its derivatives and the development of technological processes for their transformation and conservation. All this, with the aim of improving the quality and safety animal origin foods and increasing consumer acceptance, thus allowing for an improvement in income in the productive sector and the development of the agri-food industry. This subline also deals with aspects of animal welfare, sustainability, optimization of production systems and improvement of marketing.

Subline 8.6. Culinary technology and industrial gastronomy

Research in this field is aimed at the study of equipment, new technologies and operations and processes in the domestic environment, industrial kitchens and catering establishments. The modifications that culinary treatments exert on food characteristics are studied, as well as the evaluation of these changes in the optimization and development of dishes or culinary applications. It also includes studies on odor generation and microbial development in household appliances for use with food.