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Line 9. Food safety

Subline 9.1. Analysis and evaluation of chemical risks conveyed by foodstuffs

Chemical substances play an important role in food production, as in the case of plant protection products and veterinary drugs, as well as in the processes of preservation, packaging and distribution, although their use leads to the presence of residues and contaminants that constitute a potential risk that must be analyzed and evaluated in an effective manner. Research in this field also covers the unintentional presence of chemical substances in food and water, produced by agricultural, industrial or environmental contamination or by culinary practices, whose risk must also be analyzed and evaluated to guarantee the safety of such foods for the consumer.

Subline 9.2. Analysis and evaluation of biological risks conveyed by foods

Research in this field deals with the study of biological risk agents such as bacteria, viruses, prions, or parasites, which are present in food and water and pose serious risks to public health. Measures based on scientific and technological knowledge must be developed to effectively manage these risks and increase the level of food safety through a comprehensive and coordinated approach covering all levels of the food chain. This strategy includes the investigation of pathogen sources and trends through surveillance of zoonotic agents throughout the food and feed chain, as well as the establishment of control programs for these foodborne agents to reduce public health risks.