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Line 3.2. Food safety

This line addresses, on the one hand, the analysis and evaluation of chemical risks conveyed by food, analyzing the presence of residues of phytosanitary products and veterinary drugs, as well as other chemical substances produced by agricultural, industrial and environmental contamination or by technological and culinary practices, whose risk must also be studied since they can be present in raw materials, feed, food and water. Likewise, the design of strategies for the prevention and reduction of risk from chemical contaminants and residues throughout the food chain is proposed.

On the other hand, research in this line addresses the study of biological risk agents such as bacteria, viruses, prions or parasites carried by food and water, as well as the study of antimicrobial resistance and its transmission through the food chain, whose presence and threat pose serious risks to public health, in order to manage them effectively and increase the level of food safety, through a global approach (One Health) and coordinated to cover the entire food chain.

This line includes two sub-lines:

  • Analysis and assessment of chemical risks in the food chain.
  • Analysis and evaluation of biological risks in the food chain.