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Line 3.3. Food quality

The research in this line deals with the study of the general aspects of food quality and the different parameters that define it; physicochemical, sensory, technological, nutritional and hygienic. It also focuses on the development of methods to evaluate food quality by determining these parameters. On the other hand, research in this line is concerned with studying how animal production systems influence the quality of the final product. Likewise, studies are carried out in which different post-harvest technology strategies are evaluated to improve the quality of vegetable products. It should be noted that the studies carried out within this division aimed at innovation in food preservation and marketing technologies also evaluate their influence on quality.

Finally, this line aims to help producers differentiate their products on the market, both food and beverages, and to establish the basis for developing brands and products of differentiated quality. In this way, not only is food quality guaranteed, but also optimal marketing of agri-food products at the national and international level is ensured, in order to increase the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the sector.

This line includes four sub-lines:

  • Development of methods to ensure food quality.
  • Influence of production systems on the quality of derived products.
  • Effect of preservation and marketing methods on food quality.
  • Characterization of agri-food products.