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Line 11. Functional foods, nutrition and health

Subline 11.1. Functional Foods and Health

The objective of this line is the study and evaluation of the biological, nutritional and health properties of foods and bioactive components (nutraceuticals), for their application in the development of new functional foods. It also investigates the effect of food components of the Mediterranean diet on health.

Subline 11.2. Gastrointestinal physiology and food allergies and intolerances

Research in this field covers the relationships between gastrointestinal physiology, nutrition and food. The molecular mechanisms involved in the processes of intestinal inflammation and dysbiosis, and the influence that some proteins and food fractions may have on them, are examined.

Subline 11.3. Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development

Research in this field aims to study the nutritional status of the child and adolescent population, including food and nutrient intake, physical activity and sedentary behaviors, physical condition and body composition. It also assesses the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the child and adolescent population, its risk factors and preventive measures, as well as its impact on health at different stages of life.