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Department 2-Animal science

Head of division
María Ángeles Latorre Górriz

In Aragon, the production of raw materials of animal origin is an indisputable part of the agri-food sector and we must ensure that it is of sufficient quantity, quality and in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible. In addition to contributing significantly to the economic wealth of the primary sector of the Autonomous Community, livestock production boosts the agri-food processing industry and acts as an important backbone of rural development. Veterinary medicine for pets and equines is also a growing market, both because of their interest as patients and because of their relationship with public health and their study as model animals.

The development of research in this sector can serve as a driving force for innovation and technological advances in livestock farming. Therefore, the research lines developed in this section aim to: strengthen current livestock systems in terms of production and health, boost their socio-economic and environmental sustainability, promote the One Health - One Medicine approach in general animal health research, and maintain and enhance the dynamism and competitiveness of this sector at national and international level.

In this context, five general lines of research in the field of animal science are proposed which address the aspects of interest mentioned above.