Position: EFAD Communication and Information Manager


As EFAD - European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians grows it needs to realise it full potential as ‘The Voice of European Dietitians’ and to this end EFAD is seeking a Communication and Information manager that will take a lead role in formulating, advising and delivering a robust communication and information plan meeting the strategic needs of EFAD. EFAD has developed over its 40 years a reputation for its integrity which now needs to be taken forward not only into the digital age but also to meet new initiatives in provision of services in healthcare, public health and the changing political agenda that dietetics and dietitians now find themselves.

Role and purpose of the job

The newly created role of Communication and Information Manager is both internal and external facing. The Manager will engage externally with extensive and wide-ranging stakeholder requirements from EFAD’s National Dietetic Association members and their political role as leaders of the profession, deliver supportive information to our stakeholders about dietetics and nutrition and to dietetic students across Europe and their future ambitions. Internally EFAD has nearly 300 volunteers across Europe and together they are a vital team that need to be informed, supported and networked. The manager will need to secure the brand image of EFAD, use complex communication engagement, be responsible for the integrity of the information provided together with busy communication channels and monitoring.


1. Develop, implement and evaluate EFAD’s communication and information strategy for 2018-2022
2. Take an advisory and implementation role in information management1 for EFAD, including compliance with data protection regulations
3. Promote EFAD and the work of EFAD to members and stakeholders through appropriate channels, including newsletters, newsflashes, social media, webinars
4. Work to provide a robust future-proofed website which will meet the needs of EFAD members and stakeholders
5. Operate an extensive data hub comprising a number of interlinked websites eg EFAD with specialist sites associated with EU funded and other projects, members websites etc
6. Establish, with support of EFAD Education Associate Members and members of relevant committees, an Education and Lifelong Learning Hub
7. Gather and provide, primarily but not solely from within EFAD2, evidence-based information and resources about dietitians and dietetics as and when necessary
8. Strongly brand EFAD as the ‘Voice of European Dietitians’ and then work to identify and evaluate new channels for delivery of information/ resources, e.g. social media, podcasts and video podcasts
9. Source materials and tools and then establish a programme which prioritises stakeholder engagement seeking guidance from groups3, committees and ESDNs
10. Routinely engage in European consultations and advisory committee work to promote and report information pertinent to the profession of dietetics, including promotion of various national and international events (eg Obesity Day)
11. Establish an induction process, regular briefings and engagement training and recognition of contributions for EFAD volunteers
12. Manage awards, such as European Dietetic Fellowship Award
13. Regularly evaluate the success of communication, publicity and information management episodes, develop a reporting mechanism and suggest or make improvements


Essential with proven experience in:

• Management and use of information across multiple platforms preferably in Europe
• Development of communication resources such as websites, data bases and educational tools through own expertise or by drawing on/sourcing expertise of others
• Development or promotion of a ‘brand’ using appropriate techniques designed to support a professional entity
• Engagement with multimedia to deliver information and/or inform a diversity of stakeholders
• Effective evaluation of impact of the dissemination of information and use of analytical tools to determine how impact can be improved (valorisation)
• Writing and presenting EU level reports in English
• Representation of a European Organisation, including ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to a variety of stakeholders (internally and externally) both face to face and at distance (telephone, Skype, VOIP etc)
• Robust and proven time management skills, ability to work systematically, accurately and transparently, in a team and on own initiative, unsupervised at distance/virtually from own/home office
• Qualification (BSc or higher) in communication, publicity or information management.


• 5 years’ experience in field of communication
• Knowledge of Nutrition & Dietetics
• Manage a budget

Terms and Conditions

1. The Communications and Information Manager will be recruited on a consultancy basis, initially for one year, and will be responsible to the Executive Director
2. The Communications and Information Manager, who can be based anywhere within Europe, will be required to provide his/her own work space and tools (office/computer/internet access/telephone etc.)
3. The remuneration will be €10.000 per annum for 0.2 Full Time Equivalent (approximately 8 hours a week). This is expected to increase as additional funding is secured.
4. Some European travel will be required, for which EFAD will reimburse previously agreed travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.
5. Executive Committee members are not eligible to undertake the role of Communications and Information Manager while in office
6. Full terms and conditions will be described in the Consultancy Contract

Selection Process:

1. A call for applications will be sent to all EFAD networks and everyone in the EFAD stakeholder database (including other EU organisations).
2. Applicants will submit a Curriculum Vitae, names of two referees and a letter stating “fitness and motivation” for the role.
3. A selection panel will select candidates for interview, using sift criteria based on competences mentioned in call (and advice from NDAs if deemed necessary)
4. Virtual interviews will be conducted using Skype or other VOIP
5. References of suitable candidates will be collected and assessed
6. Selection panel will make recommendations to the Executive Committee
7. Successful candidate informed & appointed
8. The decision of the Executive Committee will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into
To apply for the post of EFAD Communications and Information Manager please send:
1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Letter stating fitness and motivation for the role
3. Names and contact details of two referees

To: Judith Liddell, EFAD Executive Director secretariat@efad.org by 15 May 2018