The EXER_GENUD group studies interactions that occur between physical activity/exercise, on the one hand, and health, quality of life, and physical performance, all associated with the application of new technologies.  ​

Our research focuses on associating innovative strategies, new technologies, and physical exercise to prevent functional deficits generally associated with loss of muscle mass and excess fat mass. Moreover, our group is involved in the evaluation of the impact of wearables, new technologies, and new materials on performance in sports.  

¿Qué hacemos?
  • The impact of prescribing physical exercise on health markers, physical condition, and body composition of specific population groups including children, adolescents, and the elderly​
  • e-Health​
  • New technologies applied to performance in sports ​
  • Wearables for health control and improving sport performance 
Principales proyectos, patentes, etc.
  1. Effects of bariatric surgery and whole body vibration training on body composition, gut microbiota composition, inflammatory profile, and quality of life in morbidly obese patients. (OBN22PI04/2022) - Proyecto Colaborativo OBN-EHD.​
  2. Evolution of the physical condition and body composition of young Aragonese citizens ages six to sixteen: 2000-2022. (C.I. PI22/143). ​
  3. Aragon workers' health study (AHWS). ​
  4. 2022/0138. ADIZERO ADIOS PRO FAMILY VALIDATION.  Adidas AG, Germany.​
  5. Validation of wearables for GENUB-Lab. 
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