Economy of the agrifood sector and of natural resources

Our research activity focuses on the economic analysis of the activities of the bioeconomy and their relationship with rural areas, the environment, natural resoures, and climate change. On the one hand, we analyze the economic activities of the bioeconomy and their contribution to the economic and social development of society in general (particularly in rural areas), their impact on natural resources, and the efficient, sustainable use of those resources (water, energy, etc.). Moreover, we quantify the impact of public policies (agrarian, energetic policies, or policies affecting the management of natural resources, such as water) on the development of the bioeconomy and its contribution to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the other hand, we conduct economic studies of the agrifood system from the stage of production to transformation and distribution, retail and consumption, taking not only efficiency and productivity into account, but also the agrifood system’s sustainability associated with a series of practices that are more ecologically sound and socially responsible.  

¿Qué hacemos?
  • Bioeconomy, natural resources, and climate change:​
    1. Value creation through new agrifood products, bioproducts, and bioservices. ​
    2. Economic valuation of territorial externalities in the rural world. ​
    3. Impact of changes in public policies on the activities of the bioeconomy and on SDG indicators.  ​
    4. Efficient, sustainable water management. Estimation of factors impinging upon the water footprint. ​
  • Competitiveness and sustainability of the agrifood system:​
    1. Safe, sustainable agrarian systems. ​
    2. Competitiveness of the agrifood chain. ​
    3. Consumer behavior: purchase decisions. Consumption and post-consumption of safe, sustainable foods. Determining factors.  ​
    4. International trade and the role of non-tariff measures on trade flows and human welfare. 
Principales proyectos, patentes, etc.
  1. Empowering healthy lifestyle behaviour through personalised intervention portfolios to prevent and control obesity during vulnerable stages of life (HEALTHYW8). HORIZON EUROPE (2023-2028). ​
  2. EU agriculture within a safe and just operating space and planetary boundaries (BRIGHTSPACE), HORIZON EUROPE (2022-2027). ​
  3. Actions for boosting pollination in rural and urban areas (PollinAction). LIFE (2020-2025).​
  4. Development of a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows an improved positioning of small producers of honey on local and international markets TECHONEY). PRIMA, SECTION 2 (2021-2025). ​
  5. Better Agri-food trade modelling for policy analysis (BATModel). Horizonte 2020 (2020-2024).​
  6. The present and future of food waste in Spanish households and its impact on the water footprint. AEI. Transición agroecológica y digital (2022-2024).