Growth, demand, and natural resources (CREDENAT)

Growth, Demand, and Natural Resources (CREDENAT) is a research group of the Department of Economic Analysis of the Zaragoza University Faculty of Economy and Business, recognized by the Aragon Government as a Consolidated Research Group. Our group looks back on a 20-year research trajectory in different areas: growth and globalization, the environment and natural resources, social impact, innovation, structural/technological change, the energy sector, and the agrarian economy.

What do we do?
  • Multisectoral and multiregional input-output models (MRIOs), social accounting matrices (MCSs), applied general equilibrium models (MEGAs), evolutionary models, and econometric techniques.​
  • Studying economic, social, and environmental sustainability along with the necessary elements to achieve a fair ecological transition, in theory and in practice.  ​
  • Studying the development of agricultural and agrifood activities; the water-energy nexus. ​
  • Integration into global value chains: local, regional, and international implications for resources and society. ​
  • Estimations of water use, virtual water contained in products, irrigation efficiency, energetic transition, and the commercial flux of resources among sectors, regions, and countries.  
Main projects, patents, etc.
  1. PANTHEON. Pathways towards Carbon Neutrality for Climate, Environment, Health and Socio-Economic Co-Benefits. European Commission. (01/03/2024-2028)​
  2. PID2022-140010OB-I00. Multi-sector and multi-regional models; structural and technological change in favor of achieving fairer ecological transition (M3TRANSIT). Agencia Estatal de Investigación. (2023-2026)​
  3. PID2019-106822RB-I00: Multi-sector and multi-regional models, innovation, and dynamics in favor of achieving economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Agencia Estatal de Investigación. (01/06/2020- 31/05/2023) ​
  4. AEI-010500-2023-92 ARAGON INNOVALIMEN AGRIFOOD-ENV-DSS PHASE II: Research and development of a digital support system for decision-making in the agrifood industry: optimizing production processes and reducing our environmental footprint.​
  5. ZERO WASTE: Awareness for reduction of food waste. European Commission (01/12/2020-30/11/2022).​
  6. Proyecto OTRI 2021/0327. REURIEGO: A practical demonstration of water reuse technologies. (1/9/2021-30/9/2024)​
  7. Proyecto OTRI 2022/0489. Technical assistance to study the economic and social impact of youth leisure activities on the Aragonese natural environment. DGA. (26/8/2022-15/12/2022)​
  8. Technical Energy Modelling Network for a Sustainable Energetic Transition (MENTES), Ref. No. RED-2018-102794-T. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades. (2019-2022)
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